We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

Join Matt and Chris as they delve into the new week of comics, officially ending the first month of the new year. Marvel as they read what may be the single greatest fan email ever. Listen in as the two argue whether or not Batman's actions in Justice League made sense. What was the Moment of the Week? What was the Book of the Week? Who were our non-existent corporate sponsers? Tune in to find out! Comic book time breakdown below:

Aquaman #5 - 4m23s

Flash #5 - 8m02s

Fury of Firestorm #5 - 13m35s

Justlice League #5 - 18m28s

Justice League Dark #5 - 24m15s

Teen Titans #5 - 28m30s

Unwritten #33.5 - 33m44s

All-Star Western #5 - 39m25s

DC Universe Online Legends #22 - 43m10s

Green Lantern: The New Guardians #5 - 45m30s

Angel & Faith #6 - 51m20s

Legion: Secret Origin #4 - 54m27s

Uncharted #3 - 58m00s

"Corporate" "Sponserships" aka Shameless Plugging - 1h00m00s

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Join the Nola Nerds Matt and Chris as they welcome in the upcoming year of gaming with a bevy of guest stars! Join Matt "the Talent," Chris "the Surly One," show regular Scott "the Looks," Ronald "the Angry Black Gamer," Barbara "the Girl," and Ethan "the Default Group Bitch" as we discuss all of the games for 2012 both big and small. Plus, we discuss what we think will be some of the shittier games to hit this year! Join the fun!

BONUS! Try and guess what incredibly awkward moment graces our show this time!

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Join Matt and Chris this week as we welcome special correspondent Scott to help us tackle this week's comics! The trio of awesome-ness knock out everything from DC to Marvel to Vertigo to Indie comics and back again. Also, Chris is a big ol' bitch for not being attentive enough to my attempts at banter. Listen in awe as he abruptly runs out of steam around the 45 min mark!

We are so goddamn professional!

Minute Breakdown

4m00s - Fan E-Mail Messages

12m50s - Batman #5

17m09s - Catwoman #5

19m34s - Green Lantern Corps #5

22m34s - Wonder Woman #5

25m30s - Fables #113

28m00s - Daredevil #8

29m58s - Uncanny X-Force #20

32m47s - Uncanny X-Men #5

35m49s - Birds of Prey #5

37m58s - Blue Beetle #5

41m20s - Nightwing #5

44m37s - Ghostbusters #4

46m34s - Red Hood and the Outlaws #5

49m30s - Supergirl #5

52m53s - Invincible Iron Man #512

55m05s - Avenging Spider-Man #3

57m47s - Generation Hope #15

59m26s - Mass Effect: Invasion #4

1h02m50s - Ultimate Comics All New Spider-Man #6

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In a very special episode of NolaNerds, Chris is joined by special guests Ronald and Scott as they break down the top 50 greatest wrestlers of all time. All the greats Hogan, Flair, Austin..Ziggler????..Dreamer?!?....Taz?!! Somebody grew up in an ECW household! Take a listen as we experiment with this.

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Join Matt and Chris in this week's breakdown of the comics for 01/15/2012. We find yet another secret society in the new DCU, nominate dual Ho-Bags of the Week, and answer the longest string of fan mail questions ever. 

New format! Jump straight to the comic you want to hear us snark about by following this state of the art timeline chart thingy!

Intro and Brief Discussion of Cancelled/New DCU Titles - 00m00s

Fan Email - 06m30s

Batgirl #5 - 22m06s

Batwoman #5 - 24m50s

Deathstroke #5 - 28m00s

Demon Knights #5 - 30m25s

Frankenstein: Agent of SHADE #5 - 32m45s

Green Lantern #5 - 34m00s

Shade #4 - 36m00s

Unwritten #33 - 38m15s

Wolverine and the X-Men #4 - 40m20s

Batman and Robin #5 - 45m00s

DC Universe Legends #21 - 47m45s

Resurrection Man #5 - 49m25s

Buffy #5 - 51m05s

Suicide Squad #5 - 52m36s

Superboy #5 - 55m35s

Mega Man #9 - 58m00s

Grifter #5 - 59m45s

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Join Matt and Chris for their end of the year blowout on comic books in 2011! We list the 5 nominees for every category, and then pick our personal winners. Who is the best? Who is the worst? (Besides Chris) Who is the most super fun time awesome? Check it out! FOR FREEEEEE

Break down:

Book of the Year: 10m57s

DC Book of the Year: 13m25

Marvel Book of the Year: 15m36s

Other Publisher of the Year: 18m13s

Writer of the Year: 20m30s

Artist of the Year: 24m25s

Team Book of the Year: 27m20s

Best DC Book Pre-Reboot: 29m45s

Best DC Book Post-Reboot: 32m30s

Best Major Event of the Year: 35m13s

Biggest Shift in Quality in a DC Book from Pre to Post Reboot: 39m00s

Best Hero of the Year: 41m10s

Best Villain of the Year: 42m45s

Best Secret Organization in the DCU: 45m00s

Best Concept of the Year: 47m30s

Best Story-Arc of the Year: 50m00s

Ho-Bag of the Year: 51m25s

Dumbest Character of the Year: 53m30s

Biggest Dick of the Year: 55m55s

Best Moment of the Year: 57m30s

Best Collection of the Year: 59m00s

Best Graphic Novel: 01h00m00s 

Best On-Going Book: 01h00m37s

Most Anticipated of 2012: 01h02m00s

Best Mini-Series of the Year: 01h03m20s

Best Ending of a Series: 01h04m57s

Most Fun Book of the Year: 01h07m13s

Top 5 Personal Picks for Matt and Chris: 01h08m00s

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This week Matt and Chris are joined by two special guest stars - Scott Brehm and the lovely Britain Valenti, thus proving that NolaNerdPodcast is all about the gender equality. We talk about the first week of comics of the new year, as well as answer an in depth fan mail. Also, we all take turns telling Chris why we love him. 

New Ho of the Week! New Moments of the Week! New Book of the Week! New EVERYTHING!

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In Episode 9, Matt and Chris debate and talk about the final week of comics in the year 2011. Chris has a seeeecret surprise book he tells us all about, and Matt tells us just how much he hates those goddamn Editor boxes in comics. Also, we double the usual amount of fan questions - TWO! Stay tuned for our end of the year blowout comic podcast. Send us an email at, and rate and review us on iTunes.

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