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Welcome to the final week of the DC Future's End 5 year time skip initiative! Some were good, some were not. Thems the breaks. But this week saw a special offering that opens up a whole new can of worms into the realm of possibilities! Between them, the DC weekies, the gut wrenching and soul crushing Fables, and a new issue of Saga, there was a lot to enjoy this week. PLUS! The return of our weekly TV roundup! Join us in saying hello to Gotham Watch and SHIELD Watch! Join NOLAnerds Matt "Booster 4eva" Finneman and Chris "Kamandi Failure" Robinson with special guest Andy "Return of the Nemo" Niemann as they break down the week for you.

Books of the Week
Matt: Red Lanterns #FE
Chris: Fables #144
Email: 01m30s/
Current Events: 07m16s/
SHIELD Watch: 12m58s/
Gotham Watch: 16m02s/
Adventures of Superman #17: 20m45s/ Chris: 3.5/
Aquaman and the Others #FE: 22m57s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Batman 66 #15: 24m58s/ Chris: 3.0/
Batman Beyond Universe #14: 26m47s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Batman: Eternal #25: 28m44s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/
Booster Gold #FE: 30m45s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Flash #FE: 33m44s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/
Future's End #21: 36m05s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Justice League Dark #FE: 38m17s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Red Lanterns #FE: 40m24s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
Sinestro #FE: 43m53s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Dead Boy Detectives #9: 46m53s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Fables #144: 48m30s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
Cyclops #5: 51m50s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Loki: Agent of Asgard #6: 53m43s/ Chris: 3.0/
GI Joe #1: 56m45s/ Chris: 3.5/
Outcast #4: 1h00m13s/ Matt: 3.0/
Saga #23: 1h03m15s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
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We code named this episode Durango. It has nothing to do with the XBox One. Or the car. Or anything else named Durango. Name just sounds fun. This was a special week. Chris actually had more books than Matt! That never happens. This week the NOLAnerds tackled more five years later DC books, ventured once more into Multiversity, got a double dose of X-Men, welcomed back Deadly Class, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Purple Reign" Finneman and Chris "Shuttered" Robinson as they talk comics.

Books of the Week
Matt: Multiversity: Society of Superheroes #1
Chris: Unwritten: Apocalypse #9
Email: 01m08s/
Current Events: 05m03s/
Batman: Eternal #24: 10m33s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Batman/Superman #FE: 14m58s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/
Batwoman #FE: 17m34s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Future's End #20: 20m15s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Green Lantern: New Guardians #FE: 22m38s/ Matt: 2.5/
Justice League #FE: 25m47s/ Matt: 2.0 Chris: 2.0/
Multiversity: Society of Superheroes #1: 28m58s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #2: 33m36s/ Chris: 3.0/
Wonder Woman #FE: 35m08s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Superman/Wonder Woman #FE: 37m55s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Unwritten: Apocalypse #9: 40m04s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 4.0/
All-New X-Men #32: 43m25s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/
Daredevil #8: 46m20s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Edge of Spiderverse: Gwen Stacy #1: 48m58s/ Chris: 3.0/
Superior Spider-Man #33: 51m44s/ Chris: 3.0/
Thor: God of Thunder #25: 54m24s/ Chris: 3.5/
Uncanny X-Men #26: 58m22s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Deadly Class #7: 1h02m02s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Shutter #6: 1h04m51s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Trees #5: 1h07m58s/ Chris: 3.5/
Wicked + The Divine #4: 1h10m28s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
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Welcome to NOLAnerd episode 147, codenamed Kakarot. Why is it codenamed that? Well why was last issue codenamed Cthullu? Who knows! We work in mysterious ways. This week the NOLAnerds draft their dream teams of superheroes, tackle week 2 of the DC 5 Years Later initiative, randomly discuss Destiny, love the hell out of Image Comics' strong females, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Can't Keep His Hands to Himself" Finneman and Chris "Loves Star Wars Episode 2" Robinson as they chat the day away!

Books of the Week
Matt: Constantine #FE
Chris: Lazarus #11

Email: 01m22s/

Current Events: 07m39s/

Batgirl #FE: 12m14s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 4.0/

Batman #FE: 15m31s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Batman: Eternal #23: 18m33s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.5/

Constantine #FE: 20m30s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 3.5/

Future's End #19: 23m02s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Green Lantern Corps #FE: 26m17s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Infinity Man and the Forever People #FE: 28m53s/ Chris: 2.5/

Justice League United #FE: 31m16s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Superman: Unchained #9: 34m40s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.0/

Coffin Hill #11: 39m04s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 2.5/

Amazing Spider-Man #6: 41m55s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/

Hawkeye #20: 46m14s/ Matt: 3.0/

Ms. Marvel #8: 49m17s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/

Lazarus #11: 52m01s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

Velvet #7: 54m43s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/

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Welcome to Episode 146, code named Cthullu. Why? Who even knows. Probably because 146 is a weird number for a title. But that has nothing to do with comics! This week the NOLAnerds dive head first into the opening week of DC's Future's End one shot initiative, where every issue is time skipped 5 years later and may or may not tie into the weekly ongoing, Future's End. We also are 'treated' to the finale of Original Sin, find out Prof X's actual original sin, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Penny-One" Finneman and Chris "Human Bed" Robinson as they tackle the week in comics!

Books of the Week
Matt: Green Arrow #FE
Chris: Grayson #FE
Email: 01m11s/
Current Events: 04m46s/
Aquaman #FE: 12m35s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Batman: Eternal #22: 16m40s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Earth 2 #FE: 19m31s/ Matt: 3.0 Chris: 3.0/
Future's End #18: 22m10s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Grayson #FE: 25m03s/ Chris: 4.0/
Green Arrow #FE: 28m10s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 3.5/
Green Lantern #FE: 30m55s/ Matt: 2.5/
Justice League #33: 33m00s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 3.5/
Swamp Thing #FE: 36m58s/ Chris: 3.5/
Fairest #29: 39m50s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
Iron Fist #6: 43m13s/ Matt: 1.5 Chris: 2.0/
Original Sin #8: 46m35s/ Matt: 2.5 Chris: 2.0/
Rocket Raccoon #3: 52m13s/ Chris: 3.5/
She-Hulk #8: 54m16s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 4.0/
Superior Foes of Spider-Man #15: 57m22s/ Matt: 4.0 Chris: 4.0/
Uncanny X-Men #25: 1h00m27s/ Matt: 3.5 Chris: 3.5/
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Wow. WOW guys. This month right here. Between the crazy highs of Gamescom 2014 and the Playstation Tokyo Game Show pre-show to the insane lows of the gaming community completely mishandling at best and being virulent and awful at the worst in regards to Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, this has been one stacked month of gaming news. Gamer as a term became practically detrimental to our preferred hobby, Playstation knocked it out of the park at Gamescom, a handful of releases graced consoles as the world prepared itself for the onslaught of the holidays, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "That's So Fetch" Finneman, Chris "Saints Row 5ever" Robinson, Garrett "Sword Art Translation Error" Platner, Mason "Monokuma" Maldonado, and Zack "Tomb Raider Holiday" St. Onge as they try and tackle this massive news filled month in style!

Emails and Intros: 00m45s/

Gaming News August 2014: 14m22s/
Gamescom 2014 (Xbox): 40m01s/
Gamescom 2014 (Playstation): 53m43s/
Tokyo Game Show Pre Show: 1h06m11s/
Game Releases August 2014: 1h13m30s/
Ending/PS+/Games with Gold Discussion: 1h28m57s
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