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October now comes to a close, and the NOLAnerdcast is here to bring you the spoooookiest episode of the show yet! And by that I mean, we mention that it is Halloween. So...there's that. This week we get to welcome the newest Greg Rucka Image book, read a metric ton of DC comics, watch as God Batman wrecks Joe Chill's day, and more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Sinestro" Finneman and Chris "Teth Adam" Robinson as these BFFs break it down for you!


Books of the Week

Matt: Batgirl #45

Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1


Top 5 Moments

*Batgirl Breaks it Down to Grayson (Batgirl #45)

*Batman Goes God Mode on Potential Criminals (Justice League: Darkseid War - Batman #1)

*The American Apology Tour (Prez #5)

*Sinestro & Black Adam are BFFs (Sinestro #16)

*AIMs Lexus Incentive (New Avengers #2)


Email: 02m23s/


Current Events: 08m53s/


Aquaman #45: 14m05s/


Batgirl #45: 16m03s/


Batman 66 #28: 18m57s/


Batman & Robin: Eternal #4: 20m39s/


Cyborg #4: 23m34s/


Flash #45: 25m59s/


Gotham by Midnight #10: 28m51s/


Grayson #13: 30m19s/


Justice League: Darkseid War - Batman #1: 33m51s/


Prez #5: 37m59s/


Sinestro #16: 42m45s/


Superman #45: 45m34s/


We Are Robin #5: 48m53s/


New Avengers #2: 51m58s/


Secret Wars: House of M #4: 54m22s/


Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1: 56m33s/


Black Magick #1: 1h01m03s/

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Welcome to another massive week of quality comics here at the NOLAnerds HQ! This week we are proud to bring you everything from a new entry in the classic in the making weekly Batman & Robin Eternal, a game changing Justice League, a return to Teen Titans form, a bevy of Image books, and a new Vertigo book by Gail Simone and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Robin Fan Club" Finneman and Chris "Inhuman Lover" Robinson as they chat you up for another week!

Books of the Week
Matt: Batman & Robin: Eternal #3
Chris: Karnak #1
Top 5 Moments
*Red Hood vs Cassandra Cain (Batman & Robin: Eternal #3)
*Birth of the New New Gods (Justice League #45)
*Strix Learns Basketball (Secret Six #7)
*Karnak Fights (Karnak #1)
*Birth of Protoman (Mega Man #54)
Email: 01m58s/
Current Events: 04m19s/
Batman & Robin: Eternal #3: 07m03s/
Black Canary #5: 10m25s/
Doctor Fate #5: 13m09s/
Green Lantern: Lost Army #5: 16m08s/
Justice League #45: 19m47s/
Secret Six #7: 22m46s/
Superman/Wonder Woman #22: 25m20s/
Titans Hunt #1: 28m06s/
Invincible Iron Man #2: 31m13s/
Karnak #1: 34m09s/
Secret Wars: Age of Apocalypse #5: 37m43s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #11: 39m30s/
Star Wars: Shattered Empire #4: 41m06s/
Uncanny Inhumans #1: 43m38s/
Beauty #3: 47m06s/
Clean Room #1: 49m22s/
Fade Out #10: 53m30s/
Mega Man #54: 56m44s/
Shutter #16: 59m09s/
The Tithe #6: 1h01m09s/
Wolf #4: 1h03m51s/
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Well here we are folks. No new milestone to speak of today. No 200th episode. No 50th episode. Just an episode commemorating freaking Wobbuffet and some killer comics. This week we continue the weird amalgamation of Secret Wars tie ins alongside post Secret Wars relaunches. We enjoy some new Image debuts. We welcome a whole buncha Batman into our lives. And we continue our love affair with Starfire. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Sex Crimz" Finneman and Chris "Bloodstone" Robinson as they talk it up for you.

Books of the Week
Matt: Ms. Marvel #19
Chris: Ms. Marvel #19
Top 5 Moments
*Spoiler Meets Grayson (Batman & Robin: Eternal #2)
*Starfire/Dolphin OTP (Starfire #5)
*Getrude Gets Violent (I Hate Fairyland #1)
*Alix Attempts Oral (Sex Criminals #13)
*Peter Quill Gets Propositioned (Guardians of the Galaxy #1)
Email: 02m03s/
Current Events: 03m35s/
Batman #45: 08m47s/
Batman & Robin: Eternal #2: 12m45s/
Batman/Superman #25: 15m53s/
Constantine: Hellblazer #5: 18m24s/
Earth 2: Society #5: 21m53s/
Starfire #5: 24m41s/
Superman: Lois and Clark #1: 27m51s/
Guardians of the Galaxy #1: 30m16s/
Ms. Marvel #19: 34m20s/
New Avengers #1: 37m34s/
Secret Wars: A-Force #5: 41m51s/
Secret Wars: Civil War #5: 44m09s/
Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies #4: 46m38s/
Spider-Gwen #1: 48m39s/
Star Wars: Shattered Empire #3: 50m35s/
I Hate Fairyland #1: 53m11s/
Sex Criminals #13: 55m58s/
Switch #1: 59m27s/
Wicked + The Divine #15: 1h01m35s
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NOlLAnerd Matthew and the NOLAnerds interview Breanna Bietz about her upcoming theater production of Terminator: The Musical. As proud sponsors of the event, we are very excited to see it in action and so should you!

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September was a massive month for Sony. Between being the only console maker with a real presence at this year's Tokyo Game Show to releasing a ton of games to announcing its first price drop, to celebrating 20 years in America, this was a big month for them. This month gave us our first taste of the holiday gaming rush with Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain and Destiny: Taken King as well as a wealth of downloadable goodies. So join NOLAnerds Matt "LEGO-riffic" Finneman and Chris "Hates Fun and Joy" Robinson as they nerd it up.

Gaming News September 2015: 01m51s/
Tokyo Game Show Breakdown: 13m55s/
Game Releases September 2015: 27m01s/
20 Years of Playstation: 41m51s/
Ending/PS+/Games with Gold: 47m21s/
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Sure last week's 200th episode was a major milestone for us. But hey! The 50th episode of the 2.0 era is just as important! Right? Right. You get it. I could tell you were a smart cookie. This week was MASSIVE. We had the continuation of Secret Wars AND the premature relaunch of the Marvel universe. We had every single Star Wars book release on the same day. We had a volley of quality DC books, several new Image debuts, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Jughead" Finneman and Chris "Star Wars Overload" Robinson as they share their love of comics with you!

Books of the Week
Matt: Jughead #1
Chris: Doctor Strange #1
Top 5 Moments
*Jughead's Game of Thrones Dream Sequence (Jughead #1)
*Cassandra Cain's Intro (Batman & Robin: Eternal #1)
*Midnighter and Grayson's Handcuff Fight (Midnighter #5)
*Ben Grimm's Realization (Secret Wars: Siege #4)
*Batman Beyond Goes Old School (Batman Beyond #5)
Email: 01m39s/
Current Events: 07m15s/
Action Comics #45: 09m29s/
Batman Beyond #5: 12m31s/
Batman & Robin: Eternal #1: 14m43s/
Cyborg #3: 17m37s/
Detective Comics #45: 19m13s/
Green Lantern #45: 21m28s/
Midnighter #5: 23m44s/
Sensation Comics Wonder Woman #15: 26m38s/
Doctor Strange #1: 28m19s/
Invincible Iron Man #1: 34m35s/
Secret Wars #6: 37m49s/
Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #5: 41m25s/
Secret Wars: Siege #4: 43m41s/
Star Wars #10: 46m18s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #10: 47m24s/
Star Wars: Lando #5: 48m35s/
Star Wars: Shattered Empire #2: 50m49s/
Axcend #1: 52m55s/
Codename: Baboushka #1: 55m40s/
Jughead #1: 57m54s/
Paper Girls #1: 1h00m31s/
Plutona #2: 1h03m08s/
We Stand On Guard #4: 1h05m38s/
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Something seems special about this week's comics show. Maybe it's because it's a fifth week? Fewer comics...more annuals... no, that doesn't sound right. Maybe it is because THIS IS THE NOLANERDCAST'S TWO HUNDREDTH COMICS EPISODE?? It's hard to believe it has been four years and some change since we began this little endeavor. So come and join NOLAnerds Matt "Craves a High Five" Finneman and Chris "Loves Pokemon Porn" Robinson as they celebrate this crazy milestone.

Books of the Week
Matt: Justice League #44
Chris: Grayson Annual #2
Top 5 Moments
*Black Racer Flash (Justice League #44)
*Bruce Wayne's Beatdown (Batman Annual #4)
*Jughead Being Awesome (Archie #3)
*Sandman Comes Full Circle (Sandman: Overture #6)
*Grayson and Superman (Grayson Annual #2)
Email: 04m21s/
Current Events: 08m30s/
Aquaman #44: 11m11s/
Batman Annual #4: 14m43s/
Grayson Annual #2: 20m17s/
Green Lantern Annual #4: 23m04s/
Justice League #44: 25m11s/
Secret Wars: Inferno #5: 28m57s/
Archie #3: 32m02s/
Sandman: Overture #6: 34m51s/
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