We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

Are you ready for some comics? What about TV? What about VIDJA GAMES?! What about assorted other musings about nerdy things in general? Well have we got a brand new episode for you! We discussed the ramifications of Kickstarter games being delayed thanks to Mighty No 9, we chat about the woes Xbox One continues to face in Japan, we chat about how sexy Chris is (probably)...we basically chat. And comics? Boy howdy do we have some comics for you!


Unfollow #3: 06m43s/


Ringside #3: 19m21s/


Grayson #16: 27m26s/


Saga #33: 34m21s/


Old Man Logan #1: 47m32s/


Deadly Class #18: 55m03s/

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BOOM! The new era continues! The NOLAnerds bring you their new fusion of comics and gaming chat with a healthy dose of random tangents and general awesomeness sprinkled in. This week they discuss who their new dream team of comics writers would be for a modern day 52 event, talk about what about the current day gaming industry would've blown our minds back in 2005, breakdown the final NPD numbers of 2015, and so much more! We of course also chat about comics, because that's just how we roll.


Lucifer #2: 03m51s/


Batgirl #47: 07m49s/


Doctor Fate #8: 21m16s/


Secret Six #10: 30m41s/


Batman #48: 37m39s/


Patsy Walker AKA Hellcat #2: 40m37s/

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The brand new era of podcasting continues on. This week we are joined by the once thought lost Scott and the owner of the BonaFried Food Truck Stephen as we discuss the value of subs vs. dubs, nerdy things you can do with 500 million dollars and how many movie theater hot dogs can Chris eat in a single sitting. Plus the harrowing tale of how we almost died seeing Batman Begins. I mean kind of harrowing. I didn't even know this story until it was mentioned. Oh and Secret Wars is great. That's another thing we talked about.


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After 300 episodes, a change was needed. We have reset the clock and renumbered ourselves in the finest comic book tradition. The All New All Different NolaNerdCast is now a variety show talking about video games, movies, anime and of course comic books. If you just found us, Welcome! If you've been with us since the beginning, thank you for your continued support! Let us ring in this new era together!!


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