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This was an oddly nostalgic week of comics for the NOLAnerds. It felt like it did back when we first began. A pull list chock full of DC comics with a handful of Marvel offerings. Not a single Image book or indie book in sight. It was a bit odd to tell the truth. But what a quality week it was! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Hank Johnson" Finneman and Chris "President Smiley" Robinson as they break it all down for you.

Books of the Week
Matt: Secret Wars: Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra #1
Chris: Secret Wars: Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra #1
Top 5 Moments
*MODOK's Eulogy (Secret Wars: Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra #1)
*Green Lantern's Boxing Gloves (JLA #3)
*Political Debate (Prez: Teenage President #3)
*Aquaman Meets Poseidon (Aquaman #43)
*Opening Sequence (Old Man Logan #4)
Email: 02m26s/
Current Events: 06m01s/
Aquaman #43: 12m25s/
Batgirl #43: 14m55s/
Batman 66 #26: 18m30s/
Cyborg #2: 20m09s/
Flash #43: 23m11s/
Gotham by Midnight #8: 25m26s/
Grayson #11: 27m33s/
JLA #3: 29m59s/
Prez: Teenage President #3: 32m41s/
Sinestro #14: 36m10s/
Superman #43: 38m39s/
We Are Robin #3: 41m40s/
Secret Wars: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #3: 46m12s/
Secret Wars: Civil War #3: 47m57s/
Secret Wars: Hank Johnson: Agent of Hydra #1: 51m31s/
Secret Wars: Marvel Zombies #3: 55m16s/
Secret Wars: MODOK: Assassin #4: 57m17s/
Secret Wars: Old Man Logan #4: 1h00m21s/
Star Wars: Lando #3: 1h03m29s/
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Well here we are again true believers. Back for another crazy week of comics! This week is chock full of goodness. Everything from Secret War tie-ins to another jaunt in Riverdale to the finale of the Mega Man/Sonic crossover and everything in between! So join NOLAnerds Matt "House Magnus" Finneman and Chris "Rocket Surgery" Robinson as they talk it up!

Books of the Week
Matt: Birthright #10
Chris: Secret Six #5
Top 5 Moments
*Big Shot's Identity Reveal (Secret Six #5)
*Cyclops Was Right (Secret Wars: Inferno #4)
*Bucky and Valeria's Conversation (Secret Wars: Runaways #3)
*How Evil IS He? (Birthright #10)
*Darkseid vs Anti-Monitor Begins (Justice League #43)
Email: 02m54s/
Current Events: 05m27s/
Black Canary #3: 09m09s/
Doctor Fate #3: 12m25s/
Green Lantern: Lost Army #3: 15m32s/
Justice League #43: 17m58s/
Secret Six #5: 20m59s/
Sensation Comics with Wonder Woman #13: 23m41s/
Superman/Wonder Woman #20: 25m07s/
Secret Wars: Howard the Human #1: 28m25s/
Secret Wars: House of M #1: 30m45s/
Secret Wars: Inferno #4: 34m32s/
Secret Wars: Runaways #3: 37m08s/
Star Wars #8: 40m20s/
Star Wars: Kanan the Last Padawan #5: 41m51s/
Archie #2: 42m57s/
Birthright #10: 47m07s/
Mega Man #52: 50m12s/
Trees #12: 52m47s/
Wolf #2: 55m15s/
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o boy! Talk about a massive week of comics. In one of the biggest weeks in recent memory, the NOLAnerds dive head first into a large selection of amazing and high quality comics. And in a week with so much greatness, it says a lot that one of the best was a brand new Image debut! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Booster Gold Erection" Finneman and Chris "Cat Thor" Robinson as they chat it up just for you!

Books of the Week
Matt: Secret Wars: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #2
Chris: Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8
Top 5 Moments
*Kitty Pryde vs "New Mutants" (Secret Wars: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #2)
*Loki Becoming Cat Thor (Unbeatable Squirrel Girl)
*Mr. Bloom Going Full Slender Man (Batman #43)
*Fake Editor Comments (Howard the Duck #5)
*Manga Interlude (Shutter #14)
Current Events: 01m10s/
Action Comics #43: 06m11s/
Batman/Superman #23: 08m39s/
Batman #43: 11m29s/
Constantine: Hellblazer #3: 16m09s/
DC Comics Bombshells #1: 19m08s/
Earth 2: Society #3: 20m58s/
Gotham Academy #9: 23m22s/
Starfire #3: 25m12s/
Howard the Duck #5: 27m38s/
Secret Wars #5: 31m13s/
Secret Wars: A-Force #3: 34m16s/
Secret Wars: Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde #2: 36m42s/
Secret Wars: X-Men: Years of Future Past #4: 39m41s/
Star Wars: Lando #2: 41m38s/
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #8: 44m20s/
The Beauty #1: 47m26s/
Descender #6: 50m30s/
Fade-Out #8: 52m31s/
Injection #4: 55m05s/
Phonogram #1: 57m43s/
Shutter #14: 59m54s/
Sonic the Hedgehog #275: 1h03m54s/
Uncanny Season 2 #5: 1h08m29s/
Velvet #11: 1h10m25s/
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The NOLAnerds have returned once more for another week of quality comic booking! In an odd twist, DC represents the smallest amount of our books this week, with Marvel's Secret Wars and Image Comics topping the pile this time. So join NOLAnerds Matt "Rin Tin Tin" Finneman and Chris "Red Skull" Robinson as they chat it up!

Books of the Week
Matt: Midnighter #3
Chris: Secret Wars: Civil War #2
Top 5 Moments
*Electro's Death (Secret Wars: Red Skull #1)
*Lying Cat Cameo (Secret Wars: Siege #2)
*iPad of Hell (Wicked + the Divine #13)
*Midnighter's "Birthday" (Midnighter #3)
*Kitten Rescue (Ms. Marvel #17)
Email: 01m28s/
Current Events: 03m59s/
Batman Beyond #3: 10m09s/
Detective Comics #43: 13m25s/
Green Lantern #43: 16m13s/
Midnighter #3: 18m24s/
Ms. Marvel #17: 21m15s/
Secret Wars: Age of Apocalypse #2: 23m10s/
Secret Wars: Civil War #2: 25m41s/
Secret Wars: Little Avengers vs X-Men #3: 29m41s/
Secret Wars: Red Skull #1: 31m21s/
Secret Wars: Red Skull #2: 33m57s/
Secret Wars: Siege #2: 35m44s/
Star Wars: Darth Vader #8: 39m29s/
Dark Corridor #1: 41m37s/
Kaptara #4: 44m01s/
Outcast #11: 46m03s/
We Stand On Guard #2: 48m40s/
Wicked + the Divine #13: 52m13s/
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E3 has come and gone. Gamescom is weeks away. We are knee deep in the gaming drought of summer 2015. The only major release of note this summer has been Batman: Arkham Knight, but the majority of quality games this summer have arrived on the digital front. Games like Vanishing of Ethan Carter, King's Quest, Tembo the Badass Elephant, the Fall, and many more. We also got inundated with Dragon Quest news, sad farewell to an industry legend, and recoiled in horror at the evil empire named Konami. So join NOLAnerdcast members Matt "Dragon Quest OG" Finneman and Chris "King Graham" Robinson as they chat it up!

Gaming News July 2015: 01m37s/
New Game Releases July 2015: 23m52s/
Ten Years of DLC: 33m10s/
Ending/PS+/Games with Gold: 39m25s/
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