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Happy week of Valentine's Day comics lovers! See? It's appropriate because we love comics.'s Valentine's Day. Yup. It's a thing. Ironically enough, we don't have our female contributor this week, as Barbie was unavailable. So you get stuck with Matt "the Talent", Chris "The Surly", and Scott "The Looks." Current events, triple e-mail questions, and a solid list of comics are what we are all about this week. Time breakdowns:

E-Mails: 2m35s/

Current Events: 8m31s/

"Corporate Sponsers:" 23m56s/

X-Facter #232: 27m14s/

Winter Soldier #2: 29m16s/

Batmanm #6: 33m30s/

Catwoman #6: 38m02s/

Green Lantern Corps #6: 41m20s/

Wonder Woman #6: 46m00s/

Fables #114: 50m14s/

DareDevil #9: 53m20s/

Uncanny X-Men #7: 56m43s/

Birds of Prey #6: 59m08s/

Batman: No Man's Land Vol 1: 1h02m30s/

Blue Beetle #6: 1h06m00s/

Avenging Spider-Man #4: 1h09m45s/

Catwoman Vol. 1: Trail of the Catwoman: 1h13m35s/

Nightwing #6: 1h15m26s/

DC Universe #23: 1h19m07s/

Red Hood and the Outlaws #6: 1h22m40s/

Generation Hope #16: 1h26m15s/

Supergirl #6: 1h27m45s/

Ghoostbusters #6: 1h31m40s/

Invincible Iron Man #513: 1h33m26s/

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