We're just a couple of guys from New Orleans who like talking about comics, video games, anime and movies!

The first three months of the year are broken down on a very special Nola Nerd Podcast! Join the nerds as they discuss all of the movies they saw during the months of January, February, and March as well as what TV shows have captured their minds and imaginations. Join Matt "Loves Him Some New Girl" Finneman, Chris "Hates Green Lantern CGI" Robinson, Scott "I Never Get Invited to Movies" Brehm, and introducing Andy "I Actually Watched 'The River'" Niemann as they nerd it up about all the coolest stuff. No Old Busted here folks - just the New Hotness.

Subject shifts focus from Movies to TV roughly around the 46 minute mark.

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7 months later, how do the books of the New 52 stack up to how we originally perceived them? Back in the olden times - back before a good mic, before a good software program, but still with the same level of professionalism - we listed the 52 books of DC's relaunch from the best to the worst. Have any books made a significant jump for better or worse? Have we changed our minds or held true to our first impressions? Join Matt and Chris and find out!

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New Books! New Guest Stars! New Emails! New Ridiculous Tangents that have NOTHING to do with the topic! NEW NEW NEW NEW! Join the Nola Nerds as they once more brave the untamed wilderness that is the newest wave of comic books! Join Matt "I Love the Runaways" Finneman, Chris "I Hate Hate HATE Bachalo's Art" Robinson, Scott "Doesn't Know the Purpose of Vague" Brehm, Barbie "Yup, Still Painting Her Toes" Cure, and introducing Andy "Unnamed Theatre Troupe" Niemann as they do what it is we do - talk about comics! Sometimes. Sometimes it goes way off track. But that's ok - it keeps you on point. Time stamps below:

Email: 03m01s/

Corporate Sponsors: 11m40s/

Captain/Ms Marvel: 17m40s/

Fanboys vs. Zombie #1: 18m55s/

Sweet Tooth #23: 20m07s/

Action Comics #8: 22m23s/

Animal Man #8: 26m57s/

Justice League International #8: 31m34s/

Stormwatch #8: 34m27s/

Swamp Thing #8: 36m50s/

Fairest #2: 41m38s/

Avengers Academy #28: 45m26s/

Avengers vs. X-Men #1: 48m13s/

Daredevil #10.1: 55m45s/

Wolverine and the X-Men #8: 59m39s/

Age of Apocalypse #2: 1h03m32s/

Batwing #8: 1h07m30s/

Static Shock #8: 1h10m13s/

OMAC #8: 1h12m00s/

Detective Comics #8: 1h14m06s/

Red Lanterns #8: 1h17m34s/

Ultimate Spider-Man #9: 1h19m28s/

Blacksad: 1h23m27s/

Star Wars: Dark Times #19: 1h26m29s

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