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Wow. WOW guys. This month right here. Between the crazy highs of Gamescom 2014 and the Playstation Tokyo Game Show pre-show to the insane lows of the gaming community completely mishandling at best and being virulent and awful at the worst in regards to Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian, this has been one stacked month of gaming news. Gamer as a term became practically detrimental to our preferred hobby, Playstation knocked it out of the park at Gamescom, a handful of releases graced consoles as the world prepared itself for the onslaught of the holidays, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "That's So Fetch" Finneman, Chris "Saints Row 5ever" Robinson, Garrett "Sword Art Translation Error" Platner, Mason "Monokuma" Maldonado, and Zack "Tomb Raider Holiday" St. Onge as they try and tackle this massive news filled month in style!

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Gaming News August 2014: 14m22s/
Gamescom 2014 (Xbox): 40m01s/
Gamescom 2014 (Playstation): 53m43s/
Tokyo Game Show Pre Show: 1h06m11s/
Game Releases August 2014: 1h13m30s/
Ending/PS+/Games with Gold Discussion: 1h28m57s
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