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Who is ready to continue on with some lists? We know we are! You know, there is just something about debating something so exhaustively and coming together to collectively agree on a list that makes it all worthwhile you know? I am sure this list will be debatable to many of our fans and critics alike, but that is the whole point of it all - to generate discussion and conversation about one of the greatest hobbies of all. In this list we break down numbers 80 through 61 and tackle some of the all time greats. From space animals, to the most unlikely of gaming crossovers, to time traveling heroes, to a current fave and many more, the Nola Nerds are out in force to voice their opinions. This time around we welcome Matt "Mitochondria" Finneman, Chris "Dark Forces" Robinson, Ronald "The Immortal" Bienemy, Mason "Sora" Maldonado, and Andy "Do a Barrell Roll" Niemann.

Do you agree with our list? Disagree? Drop us a line and let us know! All opinions will be shared on a future video game episode of the Nola Nerd Podcast!

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