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O snap, has it been another week already? Time flies when you are completely egulfed by the world of comics! This week the Nola Nerds tackle the third week of Zero Month, discuss new origins, miss Scott's sultry voice, and generally dick around. But this week? This week we meant business. Tangents were kept to a minimum, and we powered through these like a slightly more professional team of reviewers than normal. Who knows? We might even improve ourselves! This week the Nola Nerds are Matt "Axton" Finneman, Chris "Salvador" Robinson, Andy "Maya" Niemann, and a brief appearance by Scott "Zero" Brehm.

Book of the Week
Matt: Fables #121
Chris: Nightwing #0
Andy: Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #3
Scott: Red Hood and the Outlaws #0

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Current Events: 11m46s/

Sword and Sorcery #0: 14m39s/ Matt 7.5 Chris 7.0 Andy 6.5/

Captain Atom #0: 18m54s/ Matt 5.0 Chris 3.0/

DC Universe Presents #0: 20m34s/ Matt 5.0 Chris 5.0/

Legion of Super-Heroes #0: 25m29s/ Matt 7.0 Chris 6.5/

Supergirl #0: 28m00s/ Matt 6.5 Chris 5.0/

Red Hood and the Outlaws #0: 29m38s/ Matt 7.5 Chris 7.5/

Catwoman #0: 33m20s/ Matt 5.0 Chris 5.5/

Before Watchmen: Nite-Owl #3: 35m32s/ Matt 8.0 Andy 9.0/

Batwoman #0: 38m33s/ Matt 8.5 Chris 8.5/

Batman Beyond Unlimited #8: 40m52s/ Matt 8.5 Chris 8.5 Andy 8.5/

Birds of Prey #0: 45m39s/ Matt 8.0 Chris 7.5/

Blue Beetle #0: 47m29s/ Matt 7.0 Chris 7.0/

Green Lantern: New Guardians #0: 49m50s/ Matt 9.0 Chris 8.0/

Justice League #0: 52m06s/ Matt 8.5 Chris 8.5 Andy 8.5/

Nightwing #0: 55m20s/ Matt 9.0 Chris 9.0 Andy 8.5/

Wonder Woman #0: 57m48s/ Matt 8.0 Chris 8.0/

Fables #121: 1h00m08s/ Matt 9.0 Chris 9.0/

Unwritten #41: 1h02m48s/ Matt 8.5 Chris 8.5/

Avengers Academy #37: 1h05m38s/ Matt 8.5 Chris 8.5/

Daredevil #18: 1h07m59s/ Mtt 8.5 Chris 8.0/

Ultimate Spider-Man #15: 1h11m10s/ Chris 7.5/

Ghostbusters #13: 1h13m06s/ Chris 8.0/

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