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Welcome to the episode of the NOLAnerdcast where we find out firsthand two things: 1) Twitch difficulties make live streaming super difficult. 2) Our followers are awesome and will wait while we tried to fix it time and time again! This week we welcome Turtle Girl, the most intense lover of TMNT you'll ever meet! She breaks down her love of the turtles, ranks the movies and TV shows, and showers us in a ton of information that we never knew about. We also tackle the next round of DC Rebirth titles AND the unprecedented wave of pre E3 2016 gaming leaks!


Action Comics: Rebirth #1: 44m32s/


Aquaman: Rebirth #1: 46m44s/


Detective Comics: Rebirth #1: 49m11s/


Flash: Rebirth #1: 50m55s/


Wonder Woman: Rebirth #1: 52m46s/


Howard the Duck #8: 55m16s/


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