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E3 is here! So get ready for a special extra length episode dedicated to all of the news and conferences that came out of gaming's largest celebration. But we haven't forgotten about comics! We chat about the new DC #1's and new Rebirth one shots, as well as the latest issue of Civil War II. But this week is all about the games. EA. Bethesda. Microsoft. Ubisoft. Sony. Nintendo. We tackle them all, in depth. Check it out!



 Batman #1: 11m30s

Green Arrow #1: 14m11s

Justice League #51: 17m40s

Superman #1: 19m12s

Titans: Rebirth #1: 21m25s

Civil War II #2: 22m46s


E3 Conferences


EA Conference: 21m53s

Bethesda Conference: 35m06s

Microsoft Conference: 44m00s
Ubisoft Conference: 1h10m05s
Sony Conference: 1h25m02s
Nintendo "Conference:" 1h47m06s
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