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What a welcome relief this week was for our wallets! But don't confuse a lower total of comics as being indicative of lower quality. No sir! Or madam. This week we see Batgirl pop up three separate times, say goodbye to a trio of Secret Wars tie ins, begin the second arc of The Tithe and get introduced to its all too real premise, and so much more! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Sexy Lobo" Finneman and Chris "Kanan Fan Boy" Robinson as they chat it up.

Books of the Week
Matt: The Tithe #5
Chris: Grayson #12
Top 5 Moments
*Flash's Arm Shatter (Flash #44)
*Frankie's New Robot Pals (Batgirl #44)
*Grayson's Goodbyes (Grayson #12)
*Lobo's Finger Lop (Sinestro #15)
*Winter Soldier's Farewell (Secret Wars: Runaways #4)
Email: 01m36s/
Current Events: 04m56s/
Batgirl #44: 08m30s/
Batman 66 #27: 11m45s/
Flash #44: 13m38s/
Gotham by Midnight #9: 15m46s/
Grayson #12: 17m25s/
Sinestro #15: 19m23s/
We Are Robin #4: 22m10s/
Secret Wars: Captain Marvel and the Carol Corps #4: 25m15s/
Secret Wars: Runaways #4: 27m44s/
Secret Wars: X-Men: Years of Future Past #5: 30m44s/
Invisible Republic #6: 35m15s/
The Tithe #5: 37m37s/
Wolf #3: 41m45s/
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