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It is upon us! The hallowed month of June, the Month of E3! Not a major month for releases, but the single largest month for news ever! The NOLAnerds are here to take it all in, and break it all down, for you - our loving public. Or maybe you're just a random listener. Who knows? YOU DO! So join us on this journey as we discuss everything from the XBox One debacle all the way to its infamous 180 on the entire issue. We discuss every major E3 conference from Microsoft to Sony to EA to Ubisoft to Nintendo. We talk PS4 megaton announcements to Microsofts lofty exclusives to EA surprise reveals to the Ubisoft Game of Show. We also talk games that we played including a discussion on one of the greatest games of the year, The Last of Us! So join NOLAnerds Matt "Clicker" Finneman, Chris "Bloater" Robinson, Ronald "Runner" Bienemy, and Mason "Stalker" Maldonado as they talk all games, all the time!

Gaming News Pre E3: 01m01s/

Microsoft E3 Conference: 13m19s/

EA E3 Conference: 35m59s/

Ubisoft E3 Conference: 40m01s/

Sony E3 Conference: 48m22s/

Nintendo E3 Conference: 59m10s/

Gaming News Post E3: 1h04m00s/

Game Releases of June 2013: 1h07m42s/

Last of Us Discussion: 1h19m55s/

Finale: 1h29m00s/

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